Saturday, March 25, 2006

DX Podcast - March 2006

This month - a review of some of the spring DX conditions encountered by listeners on several continents, a quick look at solar activity and how it relates to propagation conditions, and a review of two great web sites that are helpful to DXers. This month we introduce Colin Newell from the West Coast. Colin brings us some of his DXing experiences, featuring a great clip from a famous and historic Pacific island, and an over-the-pole reception from 1975.

We'll also have a few more gems from the East Coast in the 1970s including another of Mark Connelly's catches, and another very interesting reception, also from from Cape Cod, this time by long-time DXer Marc DiLorenzo. And we'll have audio of a recent catch from one of Jean Burnell's famous Newfoundland DXpeditions.


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